ABENCYS Global Services is a Spanish company integrated in the ABENCYS group and sole shareholder of the Paraguayan company ABENCYS Paraguay.Reunion

Abencys Global Services is oriented towards delivering international advice to Spanish entrepreneurs and companies in their transactions and business operations outside Spain.

Its corporate purpose is to represent and assist Spanish companies that intend to develop any kind of activities in Latin America, particularly the Republic of Paraguay.

This works the other way round, too; transactions between Latin America and Spain-based companies are also within the scope of activity of Abencys Global Services.

Abencys Global Services is the outcome of the cooperation between professionals with a long-standing career in the business world of consulting, business management and administration, international relationships and foreign commerce, all of which makes it a leading player in its area of practice and business.

Our knowledge and skills, direct coordination and utmost degree of specialization in our area of practice are essential factors that help us succeed in the growing complexity of business activities developed in a cross-border environment.

We have a broad experience in assisting companies in defining their strategies to carry out investment and disinvestment processes through corporate transactions with a strong international background.

Its founders are all professionals with extensive experience and they have discharged extremely relevant offices in different sectors throughout their careers.

Abencys Global Services provides services in an efficient, transparent and honest manner; it delivers the results committed to its clients by means of a close team work and monitors transactions throughout their development.